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Information About Income Tax Notice

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Salary charge see is a feared by all citizens. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you have been served a pay impose see, there’s no compelling reason to freeze. Above all else, you have to discover why precisely a notice has been sent to you. To locate that out, you have to check the ramifications of the area under which the notice has been sent to you. Salary charge sees are sent according to specific areas of the Pay Assessment Act which will be said in the notice. So here’s all that you have to think about the pay charge see: –

SECTION 139 (9)

The salary assess see under the Segment 139 (9) is sent because of the accompanying reasons: –

  • You have utilized the wrong ITR shape,
  • You haven’t paid the whole duty sum or misconstrued the overall salary assess rates
  • You guaranteed an assessment discount without specifying the significant salary
  • The name specified in the ITR frame does not coordinate with the name in your Skillet card
  • You paid charges without posting the salary and its sources

Time limit to respond

You have 15 days to keep in touch with the neighborhood pay charge evaluating officer. On the off chance that you don’t react inside 15 days, your IT return will be viewed as invalid.


On the off chance that you get a salary impose see under the Area 245, you have documented IT returns regardless of having extraordinary expense levy from the earlier year. On the off chance that you are served a notice under this area, the pending expense sum can be balanced from your present discount.

Time limit to respond

The length of as far as possible will be indicated in the notice according to the tact of the evaluating officer.

SECTION 143 (1A)

The assessment see sent under the Segment 143 (1) is sent for hint purposes. The notice will let you know whether you have paid the right sum or less/more than due.

Time limit to respond

On the off chance that the assessment paid is not as much as the due sum, you need to pay it inside 30 days.

SECTION 143 (1A)

You will get a pay assess see under the area 143 (1A) if the wage specified in your IT returns and Frame 16/Part Through/derivations under Segment 80C/Shape 26AS, don’t coordinate.

Time point of confinement to react

You can react inside 30 days from the date of issue.


Wage charge see under the Area 148 is sent if a portion of your wage has not been evaluated. Henceforth, you may be approached to document returns for a specific period for reassessment.

Time limit to respond

You should outfit the points of interest of the pay inside 30 days.

Since you know about reasons why IT sees are issued, try to record your profits deliberately as per the new wage charge sections for  2018-2019.

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