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Importance of Risk Management in Stock Market

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This is a very important fact about how you are managing risk while investing your money in the stock market. As a Trader or an investor, you have to know the tactics to take risk. There is a famous speech “no risk no gain”. You have to take the risk in stock market because taking no risk is the highest risk in this field. You can’t control the volatility of the stock market but you can control your loss. In this article, I’ll describe some easy and simple steps which can help you to save your loss during trading in the stock market.

Set a Limit

While trading in a stock market always try to get a possible picture of price increase. Calculate your investment with per share price. Thus you can easily get your profit amount. Then, set a target of possible hike of that stock as well as possible dip down price. If you take some stock at $30 per share, then you can fix a stop loss at $ 28.05. Your stock will automatically pass-out at that price and you will be safe from bigger loss.


You need to observe closely while investing your money in the financial market. This is the most volatile market rather than any other segment of an investment. You can’t assume profit for any stock before you invest. But, you can have a clear picture of possibility. That is why, don’t make rush to invest. Watch the movement of the market and track down the previous records of your desire company.

Pocket Selection

There many types of company in the share market like service provider, banks, building materials, construction, medicine, electronics, agriculture, paints, seeds and many more. It is always suggested that, never target similar companies at a time. Try to spread your money into different pockets.

Duration of Investment

If you want to make a healthy profit then you have to invest in a long-term condition like minimum 2 years – 5 years. But if you are planning to boost-up your in-hand money, then you can go for a short time investment or intra-day trading.

Taking risk is a vital matter in this market. You can’t avoid it like a mutual fund. As a reward you can get a chance to earn more than any other investment.

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