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Common Recruiting Mistakes by an Interviewer

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Recruiting for a company is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Your company is going to invest their money on your decision. That is why; you have to keep many matters like legal issues, management, experience, job skill, finance, records in your mind. There are some common mistakes done by the interviewer while recruiting an employee. This article will hopefully help you to avoid those mistakes in the startup.

Job Description

Always be careful about the fake data. Many fresher come with their resume with maximum fake data in it. This is up to you to verify all the listed degrees and experience properly. If there is any scope to examine their talent, then go for it. For example, if you are hiring a writer then ask him or her to write a paragraph in front of you within a given time. A strong candidate will never fumble in this kind of sudden situation.

Knowledge on Market Rates

Try to gather some information about market rates for the exact position you are hiring for. If you have proper information about the rate, then no-one can make you fool in this segment. Many candidates ask for higher salary irrespective of their capability. If possible, ask them for the pay slip of his/her previous company (not applicable for fresher).

Focusing on the Talent

At first interview, focus on the skill and experience of the candidate. Maybe the candidate will not appear as smart as your expectation but try to understand the inner power, knowledge, skill and honesty of the applicant. You can make a short time contract to know his or her talent.

Improper Recruitment

It is very important to recruit a candidate in a proper manner. Discuss with management about the recruiting necessity. You have to justify the proper cause to your senior about the recruitment.

There are many consultation agencies, which can help you to recruit best possible candidates for your company. But if you want to do this job then you have to keep these points in mind. Follow the instruction and try to avoid these mistakes while recruiting the rightful employee for your organization.

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