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Preventable Mistakes by HR Department

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In my research for a survey on entrepreneurs, I’ve found some easy avoidable mistakes by HR department of a company which makes an unwanted misunderstanding between workers and owner. It this article, I’m trying to brief about some of those silly mistakes which can affect your profit ration in the end of the year.

Knowing the Employment Law

This is the most valuable part of this matter. As an HR head, you have to know the employment law very well and keep yourself updated about it. Check the bio data and other documents properly before appointing someone. Check, if there is any kind of criminal records. You can take help from the police department.

Maintain Workplace Rules

Every organisation must maintain a workplace rules for discipline. Make a chart in bold and put it in the wall of your workplace to attract your employees to acknowledge them about the rules. You can see the result in a positive way in your work place.

Organised File Keeping Process

There are many examples of lost file from office. It means, you are keeping your files in an unorganized way in your office. Make a proper division of all your works and create needful segment to maintain those important work file with date. You can hire an employee to keep the reports properly if needed. But if you neglect this matter, you may lose your valuable clients in terms of dealing.

Careful While Hiring

Investigate every possible document properly and ask them to tell about their experience of work with other companies. If possible, give them a short time job for about 2 days to check their ability. It is better if you can keep them for a one week trial period on your work place.

Apart from these, always try to invest on your employee to get some fruitful result. You can train them to handle new technologies and software. Talk to their Team Leader about how you can develop their working skill, and set a monthly meeting with your all employees to know their problems.

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